Technology Innovation for Si-TPV

Our start

With the global environment deteriorating, increasing awareness of the human environment, the rise of global green consumption, and environmental protection gradually increasing, people pay more and more attention to products of green level. So, many industrial brand companies increasingly focused on efficiency, energy saving, green chemistry R&D, and production.

If a product wants to be favored by consumers, not only outstanding external appearance design, and texture must be more distinctive, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, safe, and green fashion.

our start

This is where our brand story begins...

The germ of an idea in 20131
The germ of an idea in 2013

The germ of an idea in 2013
This year, based on the original intention of product research and development, after inspecting the market demand and the international trend of the rubber and plastic industry, and found that both producers and consumers' demand for rubber and plastic products is increasingly trending towards green environmental protection and technological innovation. The market is looking forward to the birth of an innovative new material that satisfies the harmony between people and the environment, coexistence of beauty and quality, is safer, skin-friendly, and more energy-saving. This was an early germ of the idea of developing Si-TPV.

In 2018, the Si-TPV project was established
From the germination of an idea to the establishment of a project, is 5 years too long? In the past five years, we have gone through a difficult stage of breaking the situation. The struggle of ideas and the discussion of the industry environment did not defeat us, but made this idea more firms. The sense of responsibility for green environmental protection drove us to make this decision. So,we seized the time to conduct market research, make adequate preparations, and launch this project.

Next, in countless days and nights of exploration and research, we ushered in an era of rapid development.........

In 2020, the unique skin-friendly silicon-based thermoplastic elastomer material successfully presented to everyone. Eco-friendly new no longer exist only in an idea

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In 2020, the unique skin-friendly4
Technology Innovation for Si-TPV (6)
In 2018, the Si-TPV project was established
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The first experience of breaking the circle in 2022

We adhere to the brand concept of "innovating silicone, empowering new values", always take the development of products that meet consumer needs as our mission, and at the same time, we are committed to the layout of the polymer material industry, and continue to innovate and upgrade products , stepped out of the material circle, made new attempts, and successfully developed new products such as unique Si-TPV films and silicon vegan leather.


Careful sculpting

After a year of careful sculpting, from materials to finished products, we have gone through every process. By 2023, the exploration in the field of film and leather will become mature. SILIKE's unique Si-TPV, and Si-TPV laminating bonding technology can produce perfectly flawless products and eco-friendly leather alternatives to existing materials, promoting green development via tasks including saving energy and reducing carbon emissions of various industries. this innovative green chemistry material can meet the requirements of experience visually and to the touch, stain resistant, skin-friendly, waterproof, colorful, and soft-comfortable with design freedom your product to maintain a brand-new look! We set our sights on the long-term and explore more fields and high-quality solutions...

SILIKE is striving for a positive impact on society and the planet with innovative partners.

Get more secrets and insightful solutions that help to make product R&D development, Let’s rebuild harmony enjoy low carbon life, and nature, and embrace the green life, mend fences with the earth.

Love, never ask a reason,

With full of persistence & tenacity,

Pushing for one goal,

Walking on the road...

Keep innovating professionally with passion, after eight years,

Finally, into Si-TPV's silky & green.


Technology Innovation for Si-TPV
What’s Si-TPV
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Firmly we believe,

Based on research & innovation,

With enthusiasm & dedication,

From silky feeling & environmental protection,

To you, is such wonderful & amazing.

How lucky we're, to excel in the field that we love & honorable to contribute to you, my friends & the world.

In such a big world,

Conquering is only a matter of superman,

Hopefully we’ll keep on dream, Explore beyond limited,

For every encounter with you, my friend.