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The innovation lies at the core of everything

Our creative R&D division is focused on producing best-in-class best-in-class elastomers, leathers, films, and composites for our customers. Through gain insight into the latest client and industry technology and commercial requirements.  With our competence in plastic and rubber materials, we can provide a high level of competence in dealing with our customer's challenges, suggestions on material procurement, or any other task required by our clients. 

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Advanced analysis and technical assistance.

Our laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology to analyze thermoplastic elastomer and other material structures and characteristics. We can also improve a product’s properties or develop novel materials and formulas. This enables us to offer you the desired properties and new functions.

In addition, these materials allow us to amalgamate manufacturing technologies, and design ideas needs to suit your processes to create a great combination of functionality, and aesthetic appeal product. while also addressing environmental and consumer safety concerns.

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We comply with industry regulations and market controls to ensure our product's ISO, health, safety, and Environment rule compliance

Consult your raw material Experts, we help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value of your need, on time and on a budget!


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